1) It has been agreed that Green Acres (the "Seller" or "Our" or 'We") will provide a 24/7 on-call snow blowing service to the name and address  (the Client)  found on the reverse  side of this sheet for the winter season  from Nov.1 2018 - Apr. 1 2019 including statutory holidays, although delays  may occur on Christmas day and New Years day. Green  Acres will remove  each snowfall with an accumulation equal to and greater than 5 centimeters. Cumulative amounts over multiple days, including drifting  snow and any snowfall less than 5 centimeters is the responsibility of the homeowner.

1.1) FastPass Service - Our FastPass service is activated in larger storms approaching 15 cms or more. FastPass offers a quicker response time in larger snow events by only clearing a smaller area of your laneway to allow just enough access for y our vehicles. FastPass does not include shovel service. Multiple visits are possible in very large storms and once the sn ow accumulation has tapered off, a final full width clearing will take place returning your laneway to its usual width.

1.2)  The snow Contract is binding between the Seller and the Client however, with written notice, the snow Contract can be cancelled by either party at any time. The Seller shall be entitled on written notice to the Client, but without the consent of the Client, to assign all of its rights, benefits, remedies, and obligations under this Contract to any other entity or Corporation..

2) Due to the unpredictable nature of a snowfall and the City's own snow clearing schedule, our completion times cannot be guaranteed. Every effort will be made to clear your laneway in the timeliest fashion possible. In the unlikely event of any unforeseen mechanical problems, Green Acres reserves the right to clear laneways by other means, such as a plow, solely as a last resort and very urgent basis.

3) On snow days we make multiple visits, including after the city plows have passed to ensure all snow is remove d from the end of

your laneway. Please make every effort NOT to park your vehicle in the driveway as to not impede snow clearing on snow days. In the event of a slush/wet mix, it may become necessary for Green Acres to apply a plowing technique with our blowers at the end of the laneway due to blowing restrictions brought on by heavy wet slush/snow.

4) If the total amount of snowfall during this Contract exceeds the Ottawa annual average of 250 centimeters (as outlined and

confirmed by Environment Canada's reading at the Ottawa airport), this contract becomes renewed automatically at the new rate of $20.00 charged per storm clearing of any snowfall over 5 centimeters until the end of the snow season unless verbal or wri tten notice by the client has been given. Should the contract approach the limit, you would be contacted in advance to allow time for you to decide on canceling service before automatically becoming renewed on a per storm basis.

5) Green Acres is not responsible for sanding and/or salting, damage to: extension cords, downspouts, basketball nets,

overhanging branches, items left under the snow and expelled by our blowers, scratches of any kind including rust to any and all driveway surfaces, clearing and the build-up of freezing rain or ice. In the event of any other damage it must be reported within 6 weeks after the contract end date.

6) In the event the City of Ottawa clears excess snow on non -snowfall days, we cannot be responsible for immediate removal. However, for a minimal charge, arrangements can be made to clear debris.

7) Price matching refers to equivalent pricing  with another  snowblowing company in perfect  standing with the Ottawa  Better

Business Bureau holding an A+ rating for comparable services. A written copy of an estimate or contract from our competitor is required. We reserve  the right to remove  this offer at any time.

8) Services: Premium program customers will see along with tractor  clearing, a separate team with shovels dispatched to clear

in front of the garage, tight areas, any vehicles, and onewalkway including any steps. Shoveling service is performed only once per storm and after your laneway has been cleared and once the snow has finished accumulating. Basic program customers will only see visits from our tractors  for laneway  clearing  only with no shoveling service at all. The tractor will make every reasonable

effort to clear as much snow as possible  close to garage doors and cars. The tractor should be able to clear safely within two feet of any garage  door.

9) New! Post storm visits are available upon request  only within 24 hours (next day) to take care of touch-ups, vehicles  that have moved,  and extra sidewalk clearing  by the City.





Minimum snowfall requirement?



Our contract covers all snowfalls of 5cm or more. Generally, one laneway clearing is scheduled for a snowfall of 10cm or less, and multiple visits if the snowfall is over that amount. However there are many instances per season where it is possible we may go out for less than 5cm simply as a training exercise or because the snowfall was heavy wet snow and the city plows were out. We always return to clear the debris left by the city plows.


Do you clear city plow debris?


Yes. Always. We will usually have our first pass complete before the City starts to clear the side streets. We then make as many return trips as necessary to clean up after the city plows.


During a storm, will there be someone to answer the phone?


Yes. In the unlikely event you do not reach one of our staff directly, we have an automated telephone system to provide detailed information as to our start and end times during a snowstorm Most of the time this message will leave enough detail and prompt no further action however, if you must leave a message it will be returned promptly.


What time will you clear my driveway?

This is by far the most popular question asked. We operate 24 hours a day. Our start times are based solely on the snow fall. On average we will start a

10cm or less snowfall after it has fallen. A larger snowfall closer to 15cm requires multiple passes. With this system we cannot guarantee a particular time day or night. As a general rule, if it snows under 10 cms overnight we would start at 5am and are usually done the first pass before noon. If the city is plowing all the residential streets over night we will also work over night to try to remove it before you leave for work. Exceptional storms (over 25 cms) require many visits and a lot of patience. In this rare instance, and not unlike the City's own street clearing, delays are possible.


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