Nematode Grub Reduction Ottawa

White grubs have become an ever increasing problem in the Ottawa area. Damage last fall was extensive across the city. Grubs eat the roots of the grass plant thus resulting in killing the turf. Furthermore, animals such as skunks, raccoons, and birds feed on grubs and end up causing even more damage to the lawn. Early detection may not be enough as Grubs and other animals can do extensive damage in a very short period of time. Damage can be mistaken for drought problems during a hot dry summer. Nematode applications are generally applied in August and September when grubs become more active. However, spring applications can be done if grubs are present.

Note: Nematodes are very sensitive organisms that do not adjust well to certain weather conditions. Although all efforts will be made to apply Nematodes in the most ideal conditions we cannot guarantee their effectiveness given climate factors and grub activity. We are recommending at least two Nematode applications this season.

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